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About Bimbe

We produce high grade chemical products, that include detergents, adhesives, hardware, auto and industrial chemicals. We are dedicated to producing and supplying safe and quality products without ignoring the enviromental effects of our processes and products.

Out brands at Bimbe trading

We manufacture automotive related products such as Battery Acid, Battery Water, Engine Cleaner, Car Shampoo and Radiator Coolant. Our household and industrial cleaning products range include Liquid Detergent, Pine Gel, Dish Washer, Pool Acid, Degreaser and Floor Cleaner. We also manufacture speciality chemicals for mines and other industrial purposes.

Interior and exterior paints for home and industrial use. Primers and undercoats for pre coating. Paints for steel, wood and conceret surfaces. Solvents like Lacquer Thinners and High Gloss Thinners.

Majestik is a high range product so remove the medium class/3-5 year guarantee and leave only High class 7-10 years. "Our Majestik range is a high end product which includes a 3 in 1 undercoat, Washable PVA, Silk and Matt finish coating specially formulated for both interior and exterior use.

Nema Mwelwa

Facebook Review

The best multi purpose cleaner!

The best multi purpose cleaner I have come works wonders on all surfaces in the house talk of the kitchen , bathroom, toilet and other rooms and just a little goes a long way. No need of getting other products since it's multipurpose hence saving money and space in cabinet or pantry.It lives a refreshing smell after each clean and doesn't harm or bleach the surfaces.LikeCommentShare

April 16, 2020

Vostro Lupeke

Facebook Review

it's brilliant

I personally have used your line gel it's brilliant multipurpose cleaner and it works brilliantly on all surfaces like the floors , windows , toilets e.t.c without altering or damaging the surface and it's at a very good affordable priceLikeCommentShare

December 19, 2021

Luciana Nxaba Rulu

Facebook Review

Pleasant and most of all hassle free!

manufacturers of high quality chemicals in Zambia.  Caters to: households and hospitality

April 21, 2020

Jasper M. Muyabe

Facebook Review

quality products

They produce durable and quality products

August 23, 2020

Yvonne Geoffrey

Facebook Review

WOW the best company

wow the best company  ever  your products  are great  they last long  reliable  outstanding  you are simply  the best11

April 16, 2020

Jay Scott

Facebook Review

You're the best ever existed

You're the best ever existed your products are always original and unique ever since I used Spirit of Salt  have turn no eye to another product cause yours is a done deal it removes even the toughest stain.... A big ups

April 10, 2020

Jackson Larçhó Chongola

Facebook Review

Pleasant and most of all hassle free!

Very nice and reliable company. keep it up Bimbe Trading you're the best I am a car washer and I use tuff stuff Javejin engine cleaner since I started using this product my customers appreciate my work with the help of javejin engine cleaner. it cleans all the dirt from the engine even spilled oil on gear boxes, making an engine to look as clean as new. So when you want to clean or remove some spilled oil or grease just use tuff stuff javejin engine you'll never go wrong a… See more

March 22, 2020

Eunice Kutemba Kasweka

Facebook Review

the best in the market

Bimbe Trading Company Ltd. It's the best company,I just used ur spirit of salt and believe me you my toilet and all my tiles are back to looking more white and clean it work well for me, and your Tuffstuff glue really worked miracles on all my slippers that needed to be glued. Remain to be the best in the have genuine products and for this I thank you. Am a happy customer after using your products. And your prices are so one stop shop I can't wait to try all your products.

March 13, 2020

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Our Products Range

Contact Adhesive
A general purpose adhesive applied ontiling, vinyl, head lining,shoe industry, formicatable tops and carpettile fitting. Provides a tough water resistant bond.
Gloss Paint
Gloss paint is an oilbased topcoat/finishing paint whichhas good filmcharacteristics,adhesion, sealingand opacity.
Pine Gel
All purpose cleaner.
Product Name
Anti overheat and anti freezefor radiator cooled engines.
Battery Water
Battery water has been distilled and is free from impurities that can cause damage to yourbattery. Regularly topping up with battery water will prolong the lifespan of your battery.
Undercoat 3 in 1
TuffStuff 3 in 1 AcrylicPre-Coat, Primer,Undercoat, is a surfacepreparatory paint whichis based on advancedpaint technology andhas excellent filling,adhesion, sealing andopacity.
Battery Acid
TuffStuff battery acidis to be used when abattery fails to charge sufficiently. A hydrometer can beused to test specificgravity(SG) of the acidas follows:- Fully charged 1.26- Low charged 1.15
Car Shampp
1. For vehicle interior, exterior and shiny surface cleaning.
2. Gentle on paint.
3. Clean and deodorizes.
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